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With the continuous development of the Komatsu parts market, its corresponding requirements of Komatsu parts market is also expanding. Suppliers for wholesale Komatsu parts have mushroomed. 

China is a big komatsu bulldozer and excavator parts wholesale market. It has numerous benefits for international wholesalers to buy Komatsu parts from China. Obviously, it save purchase cost and has extensive catalogs to choose. However, a big problem is how to find a qualified supplier, which may worries you for a while.


keep reading, and you can find a easy way to choose a Komatsu parts supplier and make profit-potential komatsu parts orders.

1. Locate As Many Suppliers As You Can

Firstly, locate Komatsu parts wholesale suppliers that fit for your store. Usually, you can find and research your suppliers on internet. For instance, type words that including “wholesale in China”, “distributor” or “supplier” in Google and you get answers based on brand, product items or reviews.


Also, if you feel difficult to choose, build an industry networks can be easier. Join Twitter or Facebook to find groups in industry circles and you can ask group members to recommend some. 


To keep up with industry news, I suggest you set up Google alert, which is another helpful way to find Komatsu part wholesalers. 


If necessary, participate in the exhibition in local market. Talking to suppliers face in face is more reliable, but it’s time-consuming and more expensive and sometimes you can’t find a satisfied one.


If you never deal directly with wholesale Komatsu part suppliers in China, a commission-based China sourcing agent or sourcing service provider also can help a lot. Be noted that, you need to pay service fee from 3 to 15% of the purchase amount. Besides, there might be extra commissions. However, working with a good agent that can provide qualified and trustworthy manufacturers, will give you a shot. 

2. Make a List of Best Chinese Komatsu Parts Wholesale Supplier

Once you are clear of what wholesale Komatsu parts suppliers are online or offline, it’s very important for you to make a list for best of them. Suppliers mainly comprise of manufacturers, distributors, third-party platform and retailer. Buying from manufacturers is cheaper than distributors, and much cheaper than retailer.


Before you do that, due diligence is quite necessary. Take time to make a fully research. There are many factors you need to think about, not just low wholesale price. Reliability, quality of the Komatsu parts and speed of order fulfillment all should be take into Komatsueful consideration.


An increasingly popular way to wholesale Komatsu parts is by drop shipping. It’s a very low costs to run your wholesale business. You make sales and order from this supplier who then deliver Komatsu parts directly. China brands is one of the best drop shippers. It whole Komatsu parts that are good quality and reliable.

3. Keep Contact with Wholesale Komatsu Parts Dealers

If possible, make a trip to visit to your suppliers in China. Chinese like to do business with people, but not with companies. Give a chance to know you, business make easier. Also, this will help you have better knowledge of how well their business is operated.


Usually, wholesalers’ official websites show their physical addresses and contact details. Most of time, if you want to visit its factory or do business, they will send professionals to assist you, including pick you up from airport, book a hotel for you and show you around in their factory. 


However, if you don’t time to schedule a visit, instant phone contact or email communication is important.

  1.  Negotiation Skills Before You Start Off

Chinese is typical featured with Asian culture and customs, so if you come from United Stated or Europe might need different negotiation tactics.


When you do business with Chinese, be ware to focus on relationships. Chinese Komatsu parts wholesale dealers not jump into deals before they get to know you. Moral influence is overwhelming over legal practice. They won’t break promise if they give you oral commitment. But it doesn’t mean you have no need a signed contract. Besides, hierarchy is also important. Call a high-ranking executive by his first name with job title and hold lower cups when cheer in dinner. 

  1. Make a Sample Order at the First Time

Instead of making big deal with something like 10,000 items, try order 100 Komatsu parts at the first deal. Before you buy sample or test items, negotiate with Komatsut part wholesale suppliers. Most of time, they will agree even those wholesale suppliers strictly sell large quantities.


It’s a good opportunity to investigate the Komatsu parts samples whether meets your quality requirements. Also, you can judge their service. Cost is not the only factors when choose a supplier, business experience is also a indication of a good Komatsu parts wholesale vendors.


If you think everything is fine, then you can wholesale Komatsu parts in a large quantities and list this supplier in your one of the best form.

  1. Wholesale Komatsu Parts From Reliable Suppliers

Single purchase channel sometimes will cause problems, especially those untrusted. Wholesale Komatsu parts just from small supplier might have potential risks, because supplier might not be as dedicated as before or have limited selections.


Find several alternative suppliers or change your suppliers if needed. Make new deals with different Komatsu parts wholesalers and develop strong relationships with more than one supplier. Besides a long relationship with suppliers you can get a considerable discount on the costs of your order.


As I known, Chinabrands is the one reliable supplier. They do dropshipping and wholesale business, and target on off-line and online resellers and even the end consumers. From, you can find wide range of Komatsu Komatsu parts to wholesale or dropship and products are super low cost. We no need to worry about such problems like what if the quality of their products is bad, what if they take long time before I get my Komatsu parts, what if I need to extend my business and  want to buy something else other than Komatsu Komatsu parts. Because Chinabrands is one of the largest reputable dropshipper and wholesaler with over 10 thousand verified suppliers and manufacturers, they also have professional QC team to guarantee all products they list on website are no defects as well. More than one million SKU are waiting you to choose and you get them within 2 days, no matter where you are.


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